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  • Avi Itah in Woodland Hills, CA on Houzz
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A+ Garage Door Repair in Woodland Hills & Surrounding Area

A+ Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills, CA offers both gate and garage door repair services. Experienced in commercial and residential systems, we can take care of problems. Our services include repairs and troubleshooting, gate and garage door installation, maintenance and adjustments, replacement of parts and lubrication. Need 24 hour emergency garage door repair service? One of our experts will help you in timely fashion. From replacing the broken overhead door spring to hinge welding service and opener repair, count on our local emergency garage door repair team in Woodland Hills, CA.

We are garage door repair experts

Our garage door repair service covers maintenance, replacement, repair and installation needs. Do you need:

  • Spring repair or adjustment
  • Sensors replacement
  • Cable off drum repair
  • Track alignment

When it comes to repairs, A+ Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills, CA, provides timely service. Is your overhead door wide open and won’t close? Need help with the reverse system? We provide emergency 24/7 garage door repair. Broken, misaligned and worn parts are taken care of as soon as possible. Whether you have wood garage doors or wish to install new steel ones, come to us. From the installation of new doors and openers to track repair and cable replacement, our company can do anything for you on time and at fair rates.

Our Garage Door Services.

Need gate service? Contact us

We fix, install and take care of your gates at home or business. From wrought iron gates to wooden ones, trust us to repair both rolling and swing systems. Our technicians make the required gate adjustments, offer welding service, fix the motor and install access control systems. Call us if you want:

  • New gate opener installation
  • 24/7 gate repair
  • Broken chain replacement
  • Swing gate adjustment

A+ Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills, CA, offers quick gate troubleshooting. Can’t shut the gate? Contact our team for fast service. We repair the opener system, replace the motor, fix the posts and take care of the hinges.

A reliable garage door and gate repair company to turn to

All experts in our team are insured, licensed and qualified. With new products swamping the market, we are often updated and trained. Want help before replacing the garage door or gate? Want to rely on expert technicians for repair services? Trust each job to A+ Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills, CA, for superb results.


Testimonial Slider Rating Stars

34 reviews from our “Happy Customers”

Quick Responses Every Time. 08/15/2016

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OChad French

I called them yesterday morning and they picked up right away. My off track garage door needed to be fixed right away and they told me they could be at my house within just an hour. And they arrived in 45 minutes! They were punctual, honest, and provided professional service

Great Installation 08/02/2016

Alma Cruz

Getting a new garage door installed isn’t a simple and fast process. But A Plus Garage Door proved me wrong. They arrived at my door to install a completely new garage door for my home at a price and style that I absolutely loved! Call them if you need a garage door installation service.

Don’t go with any other company 07/23/2016

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OVirgil Miles

If you are searching for different garage door companies that can fix your garage door, look no further. These guys are the real deal. You wont get top service and professional from another company. Trust me I know because ive dealt with a few other garage door companies in the past.

Same Day Service? WOW! 07/13/2016

Melody Powers

I called A plus Garage Door and asked them what the earliest was they could come to my home to fix my broken garage door. I really was expecting them to say in a few hours, or even the next day. They said “we can arrive at your door in 30 min” What?? Really? And they did! They really do deliver on their promise. Highly recommended.

Didn’t force to sell me services 06/28/2016

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OClifford Cannon

My garage door stopped working and in a panic I called the first garage door company that came up on google. Wow, I got lucky finding these guys. They explained eveyrhting over the phone and when they arrived they were so professional and honest. Ill turn to them for further garage door issues in the future.

Fixed my broken spring 06/22/2016

Testimonial-Profile-Man-ONelson Wallace

I don’t know much about garage doors and I told them that too. They didn’t take advantage of my lack of knowledge to try and sell me services I didn’t need. The guy who arrived at my house told me exactly what was wrong with my garage door which was needed to replace my broken torsion spring. They charged me a price that I wasn’t expecting to be so low. Thank you!

Excellent Communications 05/17/2016

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OKerry Perkins

The team at A Plus Garage Door really value us as customers. They delivered outstanding service when I called for my gate. I am happy and will recommend them to anyone who needs garage door or gate services in the future.

Top Customer Service 04/28/2016

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OJeff Santiago

When I called them, a guy by the name of David picked up and he answered all of my questions. And let me tell you, I had A LOT of questions. He didn’t push to sell any service to me. If you have any questions about your garage door, these guys really know it all.

Friendly team 03/17/2016

Martha Kennedy

These guys are as nice and friendly as it gets. During the time of an emergency (I drove my car into my garage door, oops) they know how to make things just right. Thank you for coming out and delivering exactly what you promised me over the phone.

Thanks A Plus Garage Door! 03/01/2016

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OPercy Frank

Honestly, I don’t spend too much time writing reviews for companies. But I had to for these guys because they went above and beyond my expectations. I called they were done with the repair job the exact day I called them. Then they called me to make sure im happy. Yes I am 🙂

Awesome Team 02/13/2016

Testimonial-Profile-Man-ORalph Little

The team at A plus Garage Door is definitely top notch and not comparable to this other garage door company I had called for service about a year ago. When they arrived, they explained everything to me in detail and didn’t throw any new services at me. What they told me on the phone is exactly what I got in person. I recommend anyone to do business with them.

Garage door wasn’t opening. 01/12/2016

Paula Carpenter

My garage door would not open no matter what I tried to do. I called them in a panic because I needed to head over to work. They assured me that everything was going to be ok. They made this stressful situation such a breeze. Honestly, I cant thank them enough for their honesty and hard work.

Simplest process ever! 12/05/2015

Irma Steele

Wow who would’ve thought repairing a garage door that has undergone so much damage would be so simple. They made it look so easy. Well this is why they are professionals. I would trust them for all my future garage door issues. If you’re contemplating which company to go with, trust me and go with these guys. You wont regret it.

Best decision 11/17/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OOliver Clarke

I hired A Plus Garage Doors to come take a look at my garage door. The technicians arrived and honestly he was so knowledgeable. He answered all my questions in full detail and didn’t leave until I was completely content. Thank you!!

Performed 25 point inspection. 10/22/2015

Mae Hudson

The technicians performed a detailed 25 point inspection before they started on the repair to ensure that all parts of my garage door. I really felt like they cared about my safety and they didn’t arrive just to take my money. In fact, they followed up on the phone a couple days later to ensure I was happy with the results. Can’t recommend them enough.

Much quieter garage door 10/12/2015

Juanita Perez

After these guys fixed my garage door, my garage door has been so quiet! Im not entirely sure what they did because I honestly don’t really know the functionality of a garage door. But I do know they did an amazing job and delivered exactly what they offered.

Great price for parts and labor. 09/29/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OEmanuel Rodgers

When I called them I was so worried they were going to quote me a ridiculious price. To be honest, I was completely expecting them to start making things up about what could be wrong with my garage door. I was ready for it! Wow what a surprise. All that was needed was for my garage door springs to be replaced. I was at awe at the affordable price I paid for this service.

Tension Springs Needed Replacement. 09/27/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OAlan Cruz

Because my garage doors were old, they needed to replace them with newer ones. The springs they provided were of the highest quality I have ever come across. Best of all, at an affordable price that fit within my budget. My garage door continued to work perfectly.

Replaced my garage door motor 09/12/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OArnold Mathis

I called and they picked up right away. I knew my garage door motor needed to be replaced because it was old and had stopped working for quite a while now. Im very satisfied with the quality of service they offered.

Thank you A Plus Garage Door 08/15/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OMario Griffith

I called them when my garage door broke down, and they were so accommodating to my schedule. They offered to arrive at that moment or later on in the evening. They did everything with my approval and made sure I was happy before they left. These guys are top notch.

Highly Recommend them! 07/19/2015

Jean Watts

When my garage door needed repair, I told my friend and she said “ you gotta call A plus garage door, they fixed my garage door at such an affordable price”. I called them and so glad I took my friends advice. I was quoted a reasonable price and after they were done with their service, they charged me exactly what they told me over the phone. No surprises!

Nice management! 06/26/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-ORandal Morales

I called them and they tried solving the problem over the phone. They weren’t pushing to come over and fix the problem so they can take my money. I really liked that. He genuinely tried to help me and I asked if they can come take a look. Honestly, all companies should be like this. Not force their services onto you. Thanks guys.

Great gate service 06/02/2015

Sheri Harvey

I needed a gate installed and was hesitating on which company to call. Obviously a gate is important to the security of a home. I really think I got lucky by coming across a company like this. Cant thank them enough for their services. If somerthng goes wrong with my gate or garage door I know who to call!

These guys are the real deal! 05/14/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-ODan Castillo

I didn’t think a garage door company could be this professional and prompt. They delivered their promise and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg when they were done with the repair. Thank you for the honesty guys!

Exceptional customer service 05/02/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OAlbert Rodgers

These guys arrived at my home to fix my garage door opener that wasn’t working. What really impressed me is that the owner (probably) called me the day after the repair and made sure that everything went smoothly. This was really professional of them, and because of their great service I will indeed recomemdn them to everyone I know.

Awesome customer service 04/28/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OJay Perkins

When I first called this company, a man picked up honestly I forgot his name but he answered all of my 50 questions over the phone with full detail and without getting annoyed. He advised that one of their technciains come check out my garage door, and if I agree they would do the repair. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful and professional these guys have been throughout the whole process. Thank you so much A plus Garage Door.

Thanks John! 04/25/2015

Robyn Bush

I called this company and john the technciain arrived at my door ready to repair the garage door springs that had snapped. I knew the springs were undergoing wear and tear since ive had them for years. The technicians simply replaced the springs with new ones and I paid a price that was in my budget. Thank you A Plus Garage Door!

Good experience 04/12/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-ODarrel Baldwin

After my wife had an accident with her car and the garage door, I knew it required a completely new garage door installation. I researched online and was worried that it was going to cost me a fortune. I got lucky because I came across this company who made this process so simple and I ended up with a great quality garage door that will last me for years to come.

Off track garage door 04/01/2015

Dixie Blair

My garage door went off track and wasn’t aligned well. Obviously I wasn’t going to risk the safety of my family, so I gave A plus garage door a call right away. They arrived and made the process so simple. On top of that, they didn’t quote me a ridiculous price. Thank you!

Best customer service 03/30/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OMyron Carter

John arrived at my door as soon as I gave them a call. Honestly, I don’t even remember waiting longer than 30 minutes for a technician to arrive at my place. They explained everything that was needed and quoted me the final price and didn’t give me any surprises when I was writing the check. Will recommend them to my family and friends.

Quite possibly the best garage door company 03/20/2015

Candice Miles

My friend told me about this garage door company and said she highly recommends them for their price and their services. I figured since it was referred id call them. I’m really glad I did because of their professional service. Also I was worried I would need a new garage door, but they fixed my existing garage door with no problems. So happy!

Good service 02/26/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OTodd Henderson

I was trying to back out of my garage door when I heard a loud noise. My car had hit my garage door I started to panic. I looked online and found the first garage door repair company near my area. Im so glad I found A Plus Garage Door because they arrived at my home in such a short amount of time and the panels needed to be put back into its place. I was able to get back to work in just a couple hours. Thank you so much.

Thanks A Plus 02/24/2015

Belinda Rice

This company provides amazing customer service. I called them on the phone and he helped me figure out what the issue with my garage door was by answering all my questions. Highly recommended.

Fastest service 02/15/2015

Testimonial-Profile-Man-OBrian Gonzales

I called this company on a Friday night and they were the only ones out of the 3 companies I called to promise same day service. They arrived within 30 min of my initial call. Thanks to A Plus Garage Doors, there is one less stress I have to worry about. I would recommend them for family and friends for sure.

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If you suspect something wrong with your garage door or gate, don’t just ignore it! One day when you’re coming home late at night, luck may not be in your favor and things can get real ugly. (We hope not though). Now, we can tell you, you should’ve taken precautions to avoid this mess. But we’re not going to do that. Instead, we’re going to advise you to call a garage door repair company right away to work their magic. We know what you’re thinking. “What garage door company is going to arrive at my home at the crack of dawn to fix my door?” Well, you’re in luck, because we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your emergency needs. There’s not a single day in the year that we aren’t ready to help you. Call us today!

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