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Garage Door Installation Los Angeles

Garage Door Installation Los Angeles

Garage Door Installation Los Angeles

Just like many homeowners out there, the chances are that you get a little bit careful when it comes to the installation of your garage door. For a smooth and hassle free process, we advise you to seek help from our Garage Door Installation Los Angeles team. We will be glad to help you get the right style of a garage door and have it installed properly, so you enjoy security and a beautiful look at home. Even when you do not have an idea of what you want your home to look like, our team will make work easy for you.

We are Los Angele’s Number One Garage Door Installers

Have you wished to have the best garage door company that’s prepared to meet your needs? Well, we are such a company. We are always ready to answer your call no matter the time or the day. We are a team that understands your needs and would like to offer you the best services. All our Garage Door Installation Los Angeles pros have been offering these services for years now. You can thus rest assured that you’ll be working with the most experienced team around. For convenience and customer satisfaction, give us the job. You’ll enjoy many benefits that include:

• Same Day Installation Service
• Promptness and Reliability
• Fully Stocked Installation Trucks
• Weekend and Evening Appointments
• Job Completion in One Visit

As you can see, we are, indeed, determined to ensure that every customer gets the best. In fact, our priority is your satisfaction. That’s why we stand tall among the many other providers of these services. For ease of operation and durability, we also give you tips for keeping your garage door in the best condition. Ask homeowners about installation, and we are sure they will refer you to our Garage Door Installation Los Angeles team. Just give our team a try, and our awesome job will speak for itself. Installation is no doubt the best job we do. We shall make you a happy property owner.

Hire Us for the Safest and Fastest Installation

Installing a garage door is not an easy task to do it yourself. It’s a job for pros experienced in the area alone. That’s the case because a small mistake can lead to serious problems that might not be easy to fix. With our Garage Door Installation Los Angeles team, you can rest assured that the process will be successful irrespective of the brand you are installing. We can safely install Wayne Dalton, Raynor, Clopay, CHI and other brands out there.

You have all the right reasons to hire us. We provide great services at good prices. Let our Garage Door Installation Los Angeles team do the installation for you and be a happy homeowner. With highly qualified techs and experience, you can count on us to offer you exemplary installation services anytime you need them. Call anytime and we’ll respond.

For all types of our Garage Door Installation and Gate repairs, contact Aplus Garage Door Woodlandhills.

Differences between Chain, Screw, and Belt Drive Openers

Differences between Chain, Screw, and Belt Drive Openers

Differences between Chain, Screw, and Belt Drive Openers

When it comes to the wide garage door world, there are variations among the operating systems to support different weights and serve different needs. Each door type works better with a special garage door openers type. So hoist operators are excellent for commercial rolling doors. And there are commercial slide operators to serve the needs of heavy duty doors. The most popular opener system is the trolley (carriage) one. And this will support one of the three lift systems: the belt, chain or screw drive system.

Each of these drive types is unique in terms of its structure, parts, and the way it works. So there are differences between them which highlight that each garage door must find its perfect pair. And that’s not all to it. Your personal preferences along with the climate of your location will also be serious determinants when it is time for garage door opener replacement and thus choosing the right drive type. So let us examine the main differences of the three drive systems.

Chain drive openers:

This system operates with a chain, which is similar to that of your bike. It’s metal and thus noisy. It runs through a rail connecting the motor with the carriage. So when the motor transfers electric power, the chain moves and takes turn to transfer the power to the trolley, which activates the arm to pull the door open.

Chain drive openers come out with AC and DC motors. If you choose the latter, the noise won’t be too loud. DC motors with the soft start and stop feature will quiet down the door but don’t expect silent operation. Chain driven options are inexpensive and an excellent solution for heavy doors.

Belt drive openers:

That’s the elegant version of chain driven openers. Instead of utilizing a metal chain, they have a rubber, fiberglass or polyurethane belt which minimizes the noise. Since they are almost completely silent, they are a bit more expensive but they are worth the extra money if you don’t like the noise. They have the same lifting capacities as their chain counterparts and so they make a great choice for any application. They are very popular in residences, where the garage is beneath bedrooms.

Screw drive openers:

Although the first two drive options have some similarities, screw drive openers are quite different. These ones utilize a threaded metal rod to pull the door open via the arm. Their whole structure is different since the trolley rides on the rod as the motor moves it. They have fewer parts and might not need much maintenance as the other two drive types. But the frequency of garage door opener repair will depend on the local weather conditions too. If there are intense temperature fluctuations, they will affect the condition of the screw drive opener. As far as noise levels go, they are midway – not as silent as belt types and not as noisy as chain types.

Looking for commercial or residential openers?

Knowing the differences between the three trolley opener types is vital. But actually choosing the right drive type requires more information. There are differentiations among openers of each drive type too in terms of their power. So you can find chain drive openers with ½ or 1 horsepower. And this makes all the difference to the way the door moves. If you are seeking a new opener for your residential standard size door, you might choose a ½ hp motor regardless of the drive type. But the heavier the door gets the higher the motor’s capacity should be. So there are power differences to serve both commercial and residential doors.

Similarities between the drive systems

The good news is that titans in the opener manufacturing industry, like Liftmaster, Craftsman, Genie, and others, offer motor power options in all drive types. And that’s what all drive types have in common. You can find them in different horsepower versions.

A few more things they have in common are that they are reliable, support battery backup systems, work with the rolling technology, and come out with either AC or DC motors. And if you choose DC motors, their performance is relatively silent – even for chain drive options.

One last thing all trolley systems have in common is their need for service. Screw drive systems have fewer components but this doesn’t mean that the reverse system or the rod won’t ever wear. Since they all include the necessary safety features to ensure protection, garage door opener repair and maintenance services are both vital.

Should questions pop in mind, want assistance in finding the right motor for you, or need new opener installation or service, A+ Garage Doors is here to help.

How to Select the Right Garage Door

How to Select the Right Garage Door

How to Select the Right Garage Door

Finding the right garage door to fit perfectly in the structural opening and still meet all your personal requirements is not easy. You have a lot to think in terms of materials, hardware, openers, and types. Do you want a residential or commercial door? Application makes a difference to your decision since the options differ too. And last but not least, you must consider the new garage door installation service. Improper fitting or faulty assembly will lead to several problems.

What are your options before home garage door installation?

If you want a new garage door for your home, you must take into consideration the current architectural style. Increasing the curb appeal is one of the reasons for garage door replacement. This is very important if you like to sell the house in a few years and thus increase its value. A reliable garage door will make a great difference. But is aesthetics the only reason for new garage door installation? Certainly not. Enhancing security is also a good reason for starting looking around for new options. Which are those? Let’s see.

  • Residential garage door types range from sectional to one-piece and rollup doors. The most popular ones? Overhead doors. Why? They can include windows, provide thermal insulation, and won’t occupy too much space.
  • Which material to pick? The most common ones are: steel, wood, aluminum, and glass. You can also get vinyl and composite doors. Their differences?
  1. Steel garage doors are very strong but it will also depend on gauge. The lower the number of steel gauge the stronger the door.
  2. Wood garage doors are warm and elegant, but expensive. They can also provide insulation but not as much as steel doors. Their downside is that they might warp and rot especially in moisture areas and need frequent coatings.
  3. Aluminum is an excellent material because it is very resistant to elements but not to dents. Aluminum doors don’t cost as much as their other counterparts and they are lightweight. But they are not very sturdy.
  4. Glass doors are extremely classy and will bring more light to your garage. They make an excellent choice when you use the space for other activities too. They can also provide insulation and usually have aluminum frames.
  5. Vinyl doors are also a good choice but if you hit them hard, they will crack.
  6. Composite materials are great for those who want to avoid frequent garage door maintenance.

The special commercial garage doors

When it comes to commercial garage doors, your priorities change. You might still want to pay attention to aesthetics but what’s important here is security. That’s why most commercial doors are metal. Why high security is essential in commercial properties? You need to protect workers, visitors, the working area, valuables, and your goods. For the same reasons, you might also need to choose fire rated doors. But let’s take things from the beginning.

Commercial doors are either sectional or rollups. The former choice is important when you want to install windows too and/or want thermal efficiency. Many facilities seeking high levels of security choose rolling doors. These come out as rollups, shutters, and grilles. They might include a release mechanism for automatic operation during a fire or might be traffic doors in applications where continuous opening and closing cycles are important.

Thermal efficiency or not?

One major question today is whether or not to get garage doors which provide thermal efficiency. In many commercial facilities, this is important for the company’s products. As for homes, it has to do with whether or not the garage attaches to the house and whether or not you use the garage for other activities as well. In such cases, it’s best if you prefer energy efficient doors. If it comes to that, you must select the right r-value. This is the measurement of thermal insulation. The higher the number the better. But make no mistake. If you choose an r-16 door, it won’t double the insulation of an r-8 door. It will just increase it.

And then you have to consider the materials. Polyurethane is often better than polystyrene because it spreads better throughout the cavity of the door panels and provides higher insulation.

But keep in mind that the energy efficiency of the garage also depends on the weather seals. If they wear or leave a gap, you will lose energy.

Garage door opener choices

When you get a new garage door, it’s best to get a new opener too. And the weight of the door will allow you to decide whether to get a motor with ½, ¾, or 1 horsepower. The heavier the door the stronger the motor should be. And there are even stronger ones for really heavy doors. And then there is the choice of AC and DC motors. The latter is the latest technology and makes the door more silent. Many DC openers include a soft start and stop feature and so even chain drive garage door openers are not very loud.

There is always a lot to consider before replacing the garage door. But new garage door installation is also vital. Any mistake will question your security, comfort, and safety. So contact A+ Garage Doors for proper service.

Torsion Spring Replacement

Torsion Spring Replacement

Torsion Spring Replacement Is a Job for the Pros

If you read articles about garage door torsion spring replacement, one thing you will notice is that they strongly suggest NOT to replace springs alone. And there is reason for it. It has mainly to do with your safety but also the way the door performs. It has to do with the removal of the existing spring, the installation of the new one, and the spring type. From the spring you buy to its installation, every detail matters to the door’s movement. And one more thing: springs might not be very expensive, but they are not cheap either. Don’t forget that you should replace them every few years. So why run the risk of doing the job wrong and hurting yourself when the torsion springs replacement cost is reasonable?

Why replace torsion springs frequently

Torsion springs last longer than extension springs. Their lifespan varies depending on torsion spring brand and type and whether or not you have the right spring. It also makes a difference if you have one or two torsion springs. As an overall, they will open and close the garage door either 15 or 20 thousand times depending on spring type. And so the time of torsion spring replacement comes in a few years depending on how often you use the door.

But don’t forget that elements (like humidity) and lack of lubrication will also affect the condition of the springs. And so the torsion spring might break sooner. If the door is heavier than the springs can take, they will also break sooner. And when springs break, the door doesn’t open unless there is a second torsion spring. In this case, you will still need to replace the spring which broke. Why? Because this particular garage door needs two (or more) torsion springs. If one breaks, there will be spring power limitations.

The complex torsion spring system

There is no such thing as one torsion spring fits all doors. There are variations in terms of brand, size, and capacities. Some torsion springs go around the shaft and some go through it. At properties where the headroom is low, the cable drums occupy a different position and the spring winds downwards instead of upwards. In commercial facilities, where there are high, standard, and full vertical lift systems, the cable drums vary too. So torsion spring installation is different too.

When we are talking about torsion spring systems, we are not just talking about the spring itself. And even standard torsion springs are complex. They consist of several parts, including the winding and stationary cones, the central bearing, the bearing plates, and the shaft let alone the cables and their drums. In order for the spring to create torque, wind, and unwind, its adjustment and overall installation must be right. If not, the door will be out of balance and won’t open properly.

What makes torsion spring replacement even harder?

Before you replace the torsion spring, you must buy a new one. Which one will you get? Measuring the inside diameter, wire size, and length of the current spring is important. But in order to measure accurately, you must have the spring in your palms. It’s not easy to measure it when it is still around the shaft. And it gets more difficult if the spring broke. Removing the spring is difficult because you have to disconnect several parts.

And then there is the question of whether or not it’s best to have one, two or more torsion springs. There is also the question of whether or not to get a spring with a longer lifespan. If you already have two springs, it’s the question of whether to replace both or just one. And finally there is the question of whether to get a traditional or galvanizing spring. In order to get answers to such questions, you definitely need a garage door spring repair expert.

Why NOT replace the torsion spring alone

Torsion springs are complex, hard to remove, and even harder to install. They connect with other parts and often you must replace the garage door cables too. But before anything else, you must find the ideal torsion spring for one specific door. If it’s too small or too weak, it will break fast and won’t do its job right.

Such complications make garage door torsion spring replacement difficult. But your safety matters more than anything else. And that’s during spring replacement and afterwards. Replacing springs is dangerous due to spring tension. But spring force can become an enemy even after spring installation. Improper spring installation might lead to two problems:

  1. The spring might break faster and cause accidents.
  2. The spring might not keep the door open. And the door won’t hurt someone only if it collapses with force but also if it slides down unexpectedly and especially if the garage door opener sensors don’t work.

Wouldn’t you agree that leaving such tasks to A+ Garage Doors will be to your best interest?

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